4 new timelapse videos!

When I work on my regular sized beasts, I tend to make them in batches.  I’ll start with about 3 to 6 balls of clay, and work on them in parallel over the course of a few weeks.  Often each step in the process of making a beast will only take an hour to half hour, but I’ll need to let the parts rest and dry for a day between each step. This makes sure that seems don’t reopen or wet legs don’t get attached to dryer bodies.  I’ll often spend a morning or a day doing nothing but making legs or sanding backs.

Before the last firing, I decided to track a whole group of critters as I made them.  I started with a bag of clay and ended up with Beast with a Ball, Flatout Beast, Mournful beast with horns, the papaya beast, and the two stilt beasts having a conversation.  This last week I finally got around to putting together most of the timelapse footage, and have four new videos for you.

Papaya Beast

Flatout Beast

Beast with a Ball

Mournful Beast with Horns

I find it very amusing to watch the clues as to the progression of time: What I’m wearing, what color bandana I have, if I have a soda, and how messy my work area has gotten.

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