More work for sale

In this last week, I decided to shuffle all of my work between my galleries.  I just took most of the stuff from gallery A and gave it to gallery B and so forth.   This just keep everything fresh for everyone.  Part of the fun of this (besides trekking all over Seattle with a suitcase full of critters), is that most of the work I have for sale in my studio has been refreshed too! The new list of pieces for sale is up on flicker.  Stop, browse, and have yourself some fun!

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  1. Paul Critser

    Hey, I’m watching and hearing “This Is Halloween” from the Danny Elfman music…and remembering that you were the only one in the Eastern Pittsburgh Youth Orchestra that wanted to play the piece…other that me… !

    Hope this email gets through. I couldn’t quite negotiate your web pages. Sorry.

    Paul Critser

  2. Paul Critser

    Just got an error message.

    Having trouble negotiating your web pages.

    Just listening to “This is Halloween” from Elfman’s music in “Nightmare before Christmas.” You were one of the few from Eastern Pittsburgh Youth Orchestra who wanted to play the piece.

    Hope you and your parents are well.

    Paul Critser