Show in Cannon Beach

For the last several months I’ve been working on a body of work for “Overgrown”, a two person show featuring yours truly and the amazing Josh Keyes at Archimedes Gallery in Cannon Beach, Oregon. Now, the show has arrived! It opens Saturday evening. If you hurry, you might still get on the email preview list by emailing

The opening will be this Saturday from 5pm to 8pm, as part of the Plein Air & More Arts Fest. Additionally, Josh and I will both be doing demonstrations in the Costal Theater courtyard from 2-4pm. It should be an excellent weekend, chock full of art.

For the folks who can’t make it to Cannon Beach, there’s still going to be chances to snap up a brand new beastie. Email to get on the preview list, or wait until after this weekend, when various pieces will be available online. Check back with the Archimedes website for more details!

Shoals (City Beast #3) wood fired ceramic and cast bronze 19” wide x 9” tall x 10” wide $1600

Shoals (City Beast #3)
wood fired ceramic and cast bronze
19” wide x 9” tall x 10” wide

Walkers, 2016, Cast Bronze, each about 8" tall,

Walkers, 2016,
Cast Bronze,
each about 8″ tall,

Denizens of the Forest King

Coming up in May, I’m going to be taking part in an exciting show called “Denizens of the Forest King” at the Twilight Art Collective, located in West Seattle. It will  be  Justin Hillgrove, Mike Capp, and myself presenting all manor of monstery beasts! Here’s a bit about the line up!

Denizens of the Forest King


Come glimpse the Forest King’s realm and the creatures and oddities under his stewardship. New works by Justin Hillgrove, Eva Funderburgh and Mike Capp.

Justin Hillgrove grew up in Snohomish, WA and has been enjoying artistic expression since he was old enough to color on the walls.  He studied Design and Illustration at Seattle Central and has since enjoyed many years of freelance illustration and design, working on everything from collectible card games to toys. He paints monsters, imps, robots and other oddities in satirical, sweet or uncomfortable situations he finds amusing, many of which are inspired by his children. Justin has showed at galleries and shows all over the country, with collectors all over the world.

Eva Funderburgh  is a Seattle artist, who makes strange and slightly whimsical ceramics monsters.  While technically a native Seattleite, she has spent most of her life so far in Kansas and Pennsylvania, but is glad to now be back in the land of rain and delicious salmon.  A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, she’s been working on art full time for the past few years, and has created a world of fat, elegant, and clumsy beasts.  Her sculptures are finished in a wood fired kiln, an anachronistic process more connected with the Japanese tea ceremony that with the present art world. The end results are beasts that share influences from comic books to Greek myth to Japanese anime, but yet are truly unique.

Mike Capp is an accomplished artist who finds inspiration for his artwork through his children’s creativity and pop imagery. His paintings don’t really mean anything dangerous, angsty or irksome. There’s no bubbling social commentary. His paintings which incorporate his young children’s’ drawings aren’t meant to provoke the unarticulated terrors of childhood. They’re just drawings of monsters, superheroes and robots.  Even though there’s plenty of angst behind his humor, more so there’s a playful, impish, boy’s mind, full of cartoons and KISS memorabilia. His technique is solid and clean, so he affords himself the privilege of choosing subject material that is loose and silly, while still keeping a close eye on small details of color and composition. He paints what feels good and what results are paintings that are funny and frivolous, in a good way. It’s not as important to understand what his paintings mean, as it is to understand that they are just what they appear to be.

Show in Brooklyn, opening Saturday!

Hey Folks!
Starting this weekend, two pieces of my work will be on display at the Eyelevel BQE in Brooklyn. It’s a group show, with a grade A line up of artist and designers, including my brother Dan Funderburgh. The show is March 20th through April 4th, and the gallery is open weekends noon to 6pm, and weekdays by appointment. Check it out if you’re in the area.

A Bevy of Shows

I have a whole selection of shows coming up this holiday season. Hopefully, it should be fun for one and all.  Here’s a quick run down of the line up. Further details will come for all of these as the dates get closer.

Eva Funderburgh at Snow Monkey’s House of Monsters!

1205 East Pike street, Suite 1A, Seattle WA

November 12th through December 3rd, opening reception November 12th

Snow Monkey’s is a new gallery that just opened in the Capital Hill neighborhood of Seattle.  It’s an awesome little place, focusing on strange great art,  handmade stuff, with a smattering of amusing things from Japan.  I’ll be showing off a selection of fun work, focusing on saggar fired stuff I made over this summer.

The Island Gallery’s Holiday Good Times

100 Madison Avenue, Bainbridge Island WA

December 4th through 31st, Opening reception December 4th

The Island Gallery is a long time favorite of mine.  They’re located across Puget Sound on Bainbridge Island, and focus on the finest woodfired ceramics, wearable textile art, and beautiful hand made furniture.  This December they’ll be displaying off a selection of my newest woodfired work – so new they’re still in progress right now! I’ll be sharing the stage with their annual fashion show.

Florentia Clayworks 4th annual Holiday Sale!

218 Florentia st, Seattle WA

December 11th, 12th and 13th.  Opening reception/ party on the 11th.

Florentia Clayworks is my shared studio space, where a total of 8 clay artists toil away making cool things.  We’ll be showing off (and selling) of those cool things over that weekend, along with consuming mulled cider, hot cocoa, and delicious wine.  Come by for a peak into the world of clay! I’ll also be holding a silent auction of one or two of my favorite pieces, and donating 50% to charity.

Show at Northwinds Gallery in Port Townsend

This weekend, I have a two person show opening at the Northwinds Art Center and Gallery, in Port Townsend, WA.  It’s a neat little gallery, in a neat little town.  Port Townsend is the city that thought it was going to be Seattle, back in the 1880s, before railroads. Once it became clear that Seattle was to be the major port for the area, all development stopped in Port Townsend. In the late 1980s, everyone realized that there was a very cool perfectly preserved Victorian seaside resort two hours from Seattle, and it’s been hopping ever since.
The show will be with Don Tiller, and will be up for the whole month of August.  There’s going to be a a variety of events going on during the month, with an art walk reception on the 1st of August, a Saturday, and a coffee talk on friday the 7th.  I won’t be able to be there for the art walk reception, but the coffee talk should be fun.  Don Tiller and I will both take some time to talk about our work and the process of creating it at 7pm at the gallery.

I just swung by the gallery dropping off work, and everything is looking great.  My work is a selection of some of the best larger pieces from the past year or so, along with some new, saggar fired work.  Saggar firing is a technique that is very reminiscent of the pit firings often seen in southwest native American pottery.  It’s a technique that I’d long been curious about, and have finally been exploring.  It serves as a good counterpoint for woodfiring, since it very similar in unpredictable nature.  I’ll do a post about the whole process pretty soon, assuming I can stay out of the studio long enough to write it up!

I’m also trying something new this show.  I’m making a flickr set of all the work, and making everything available for purchase online.  Each piece will have its purchase information and the contact information of gallery manager listed in the description.  If you see something you’re interested, just send the gallery an email, and they’ll take if from there!