Hour 61. 2040f in front, 1951 in back. Cone 8 is falling in the middle. We’ve started side stoking in the middle firebox, in addition to the front. Nice flame in the stack after stoking. . #ceramics #clay #sculpture #woodfire #womenwhowoodfire #fire

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Hour 21. 774f in front, 621f in back. We’re starting to move the fire inside to the main firebox. We start it outside to bring the temperature up slowly to avoid shocking the kiln or work.

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And we’re off! It was lit last night at 7pm. We’re now at hour 13, and 340f. I’ll be running the day shift this firing. We’re aiming for 120 hours, ~2200f in the front and back of the kiln, cone 12-11. . #womenwhowoodfire #sculpture #ceramics #clay #monster #anagama #woodfire

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We’re moving slowly though the next rank of shelves. @sauerpottery has a big, beautiful, tricky sculpture that we’re stacking around.

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Heading home for the day. I sure do like the Pacific Northwest.

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