#marchmeetthemaker day 2! “How did you get started?” I’ve been doing ceramics for since I was a kiddo, and to some degree, they’ve away been monsters. I might share some really early beasts in my story if I can find some pics. I’ve been working on developing my beasties since 2006 or so. These are some long time favorites, from 2007, a grouping called “toothy beast movement study”. You can see that the humor is there, and some of the aesthetics. Since then, I’ve really pushed what I can capture with body language, movement, and emotion. . #woodfire #ceramics #sculpture #anagama #ceramicsculpture #monster

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I think I’ll try something different for March, and hop on the #marchmeetthemaker bandwagon. The first prompt is “favorite to make”, which is a bit tricky for me, because each of my pieces is unique. Sometimes I’ll struggle with a beast, and sometimes they take form easily. I’d say that my favorites are the ones that make me laugh as I sculpt them, like this lovely beast from 2017. . . #woodfireceramics #woodfire #anagama #ceramicsculpture

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2009/2018. I get haircuts more often, and now when I dye my hair fun colors, it’s to highlight my silver. Though to fair, this comparing everyday with trying to be fancy when giving a lecture.

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New year, new beasts. But here’s my #topnine beasts of 2018. #latetotheparty . #monster #clay #ceramics #woodfired #anagama #sculpture #bondo #bronzecasting #porcelain #cutemonster #ooak #handmadeart

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Ringing in the New Year with a back yard aluminum pour with friends. (Featuring @vidboi as my casting buddy)

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