Dan Funderburgh and a bike for Obama

So I have a link to my brother’s site on my “connections” page, but I don’t think I’ve had a chance to talk about him here yet.  In short, he’s an awesome artist up in NYC.  While I work away in my ceramics studio, he works away with a Macintosh.  He makes beautiful, tight artwork, very influence by Victorian wallpapers.  In fact, he has made wallpapers before, beautiful ones, that a place in Brooklyn hand silkscreens.  One thing that always makes me smile about the possibility of getting a house of our own, is the fact that we could put up some of it.  Anyway, I really recommend checking out all of his work.  It’s amazing

Anyways, here’s what is causing me to make a post on Dan right now.  He’s teamed up with Geekhouse Bike to make beautiful bicycle that was inspired by Obama’s 2004 “There are no red states and blue state, only the United States” speech.  The bicycle, is beautiful done in tight paterns of red, blue, and white.  It’s presently for sale on Ebay, with all proceeds going to the Obama caimpaign.