Interview in Combustus

Back while I was wood firing a couple weeks ago, an interview I did with the online magazine Combustus went live. It’s a great piece, looking at my work in parallel with the work and philosophy of fellow ceramicist Jennifer McCurdy. I recommend checking it out if you haven’t seen it yet!

“They are monster, but they had childhood once…so lovely…”

This last Saturday, I got posted on, a really cool design blog.  I’d been enjoying it for a while, and their recent posts about ceramics inspired me to send in a link to my site. They were kind enough to post it, and for the past few days, people from across the entire globe have been stumbling onto my site! I decided it would be fun to collect some of blogs from around the world that have been posting my work.

Russia –

I had a whole lot of fun looking over this site with a Russian speaking friend of mine.  Their commentary is really interesting. Also, the phrase “Keramicheskie Monstryi” totally made my day.

France –

I really like their mouse icon. Also, they have a post of creepy if cool dolls.

China –

Great site design.  Also, I’m totally blown away by this post. If I ever break my arm, I’ll need to get one of those.


The design of their site is amazing, and has already changed once while I’ve been watching.  This is where I got the title of the post.

Taiwan –

This site is run by a very nice guy named Nick.  I like the tag line of “Design will save the world right after Rock ‘n Roll will”

Brazil –

Google Translate appears to have a bit of trouble with this one.  However, I’m posted in between a post about an igloo cake tray and a Simpsons action figure set.  I’m in good company.