Workshop for Teachers at the Bellevue Art Museum

Hey folks!

May 4th, a week from Saturday, is Teacher Appreciation Weekend at the Bellevue Art Museum in Bellevue, Washington. As part of this celebration, I’ll be giving a workshop on making my beasts. So, if you want to come hear about how to teach little monsters to make little monster, this is the workshop for you.

I’m going to be tailoring the workshop to the classroom, going over the basics of how I make my beasts.  Since the techniques I use are fairly simple, the workshop should be informative and accessible to folks at all levels of clay experience.  I’ll even be covering the idea of air dry clay, which can make sculpting accessible even to educators without access to a kiln.

Bellevue Art Museum has set up a facebook event with more information about the Teacher Appreciation Weekend and the workshop. You can also just go straight to their website to RSVP.

Lecture this Wednesday


Hey folks,

I’m going to be doing a lecture this Wednesday through the Northwest Designer Craftsmen. I’m super excited about it. It’s going to be in the lower building of the Phinney Ridge neighborhood center, from 7 to 8pm. Directions can be found here.

My plan is to talk about my residency in Denmark, and how that’s inspired and shaped my present work. There’ll be snacks and coffee, and it should be a good time.