Off to Design Festa!

I’ve been running around for the past few weeks, trying to get everything together for Design Festa vol. 29, one of Asia’s biggest art events.  Design Festa is a twice yearly free for all of art, with 15,000 booths of art, 70,000 visitors, live music, and all sorts of art related things.  Tomorrow, we leave to fly across the world and to set up our little booth in Tokyo Big Sight, the largest (and possibly strangest looking) expo site in Japan.

The fair will open at 11am on Saturday the 16th and should be a crazy non-stop art experience.  We’ll be in booth D-001, the very first booth in the main Atrium.  We’ll be pretty easy to spot.  I’m bringing 15 critters, 1000 postcards, and 200 business cards (assuming the business cards get here in time).  Should be an awesome weekend.

I’m not sure what the wireless internet set up will be like in the convention center.  I’m going to be taking photos non-stop and will be trying to upload them as I go.  I should also be posting to twitter when I can, so feel free to follow me.  In addition to our time in Tokyo, we’ll also be spending a while in Kyushu and Shikoku.  We’ll also be stopping by the studio of Mike Martino, an American working as a traditional potter in Karatsu, Japan. All in all, this should be an incredible trip!