Like my work, but want to see some of it in person? Here’s a few places where you can. Also, all of them are willing to do online sales if you email them!

Florentia Clayworks: This is the cooperative studio that I’m part of. We presently have no website, but the link should go to a google map. If there’s folks working in the studio, feel free to get come into the gallery and look around.

The Island Gallery: This is a gallery in Bainbridge Island, Washington. They focus on woodfired ceramics, fine textiles, and handmade wood furniture. They also have openings on the first Friday of each month.

The Odd Luminary: This is an excellent little online boutique, built around the fictional travels of an eccentric gentleman and his pet owl, Bubu.

Show and Tell Gallery: An gallery in Toronto, Canada, showing off only the finest, from LA street art to wood cuts.  I’m proud to be in their online shop!


These are various artist who I have encountered in real life, or whose work I just like.

Joshua Longo:  Joshua makes wonderful disturbing felt monsters.  I fell in love with his work when it was featured on  In July 2008, we were part of a show at the Society for Contemporary Crafts together.

Toby Atticus Fraley: Toby was the third artist in the SCC show.  He builds incredible robots out of old technology harvested from ebay.

Priscilla Mouritzen:  She’s a wood firer up in Denmark, who I’ve been lucky enough to cross paths with a few times.  She does delicate pinchpot teabowls, and also has a great blog about the ceramics process and woodfiring.

Dan Funderburgh: He’s my big brother. He’s also an amazing designer and artist working in NYC. Think tight patterns influence by Victorian wallpaper and Mexican cut paper decorations.

Steve Sauer: Steve’s a woodfired potter/ sculpture located in Port Orchard, Washington. He makes amazing traditional Japanese Teabowls, along with very large somewhat geometric scultpures.

Justin Hilgrove: This guy is a great Seattle artist. His work is very whimsical and influence by cartoons. Wonderful robot teddy bears, and such good things.


This are links to things that might be useful, or even just interesting.

Etsy: Etsy is a wonderful marketplace for all variety of handmade goods. Visit my Etsy store for a quick and easy way to purchase a piece, or explore the whole site to discover new artwork.

Flickr: Flickr is the photosharing site that I use to host all of my art documentation, as well as all my other photos. It’s a very quality site, and I highly recommend it.

WordPress: WordPress is a blogging engine. However, it’s one that’s very flexible. We’ve actually built the site with it. That means I can update the individual pages as much as I want with out having to mess with the html. This is my husband’s site. He’s a software developer and built this site to keep the side projects that he puts together in his spare time. They range from greasemonkey scripts, to a xbox live buddy tracking program, to an auto-caricature making program. He is also the technological knowhow behind this site.

Servicio Ejecutivo: This is a neat little online gallery. It features work by a new artist every month. I was one of their featured artists a year or so ago.

instructables: This is a great site that lets you build and browse “How To”s. Whether you want to know how surgically modify your ears to be pointy, grow pineapples, or simply cook Pigs in a Blanket, this is the place to go.