Artist Statement

I make my sculptures to share what I cannot with words. They are my way of reminding both myself and the world of how life actually is. Through them, I hope to express the whimsy that gets hidden behind the mundane of day to day life. Each sculpture I make starts as a mix of images and inspiration from unlikely sources. They find themselves being created from half remembered scowls on the street, from speeches of jaded politicians, and from an enjoyment of bicycling in the rain. However, when all these parts are pulled together, something different comes out. The resulting creature doesn’t care where it came from. It is simply here to share its enjoyment of life.

For this reason, I feel that my sources of inspiration are no longer important once the work is presented. What is important instead is the viewers’ empathy with the sculpture. I want people to see the curve of a tail, the tilt of a wing, and feel the joy of flying. They should see the solidly set feet of a beast and be given the feeling the stubborn immobility. When people see my work, I want them to be reminded of long forgotten tales from their childhood. I want them to be brought back to a world of emotions and possibilities. I want to give the world back its whimsy.