I’ve realized it’s less than four weeks until my wood firing. So much to make!

These are some wall mounted beasties, that have waited patiently all summer. I now need to figure out framing or such things, and to finish the details.

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Putting a clear coat on my bronze always terrifies me

It’s that final touch that can screw up hours of work. For this piece, I’m planning on several coats of permalac, with paste wax on top of that. I’d generally prefer just the wax, but that has to be reapplied ever year or so.

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Several hours in, I think I’ve just thought of a better way to do this patina

Instead of cobalt nitrate, which I have to torch on, I just realized I can do an electric kiln heat patina. It turns an even, quality black in a hour at 600c. This could be useful, because right now I just can’t get the cobalt nitrate all the way down into the legs.
My final goal is an even black inside, with a golden red outside. Though, it’s mostly going to be playing until its just right.

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Whew. I’d forgotten patina work is so SLOW.

That black on the inside may not look like 2+ hours of work, but trust me, it feels like it. When will I learn to stop making sculptures with visible but impossible to reach interiors? Time for lunch.

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I’m spending some time staring hard at this piece this afternoon.

I’ve got to decide on patinas, but I also got side tracked thinking about it. I know eventually some one’s going to ask me what it means, and I’ll have to translate this ball of feelings, memories, and ideas into words.

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