Wonderful work by Dan McPharlin

The design blog Totonko just posted some great work by artist Dan McPharlin. He seems to mostly work with digital media, though he also has some interesting diorama pieces. His spaceship pieces are what caught my eye, though. They’re wonderful and remind me of childhood memories of “The Yellow Submarine”, along with beautiful retro science fiction covers.

His website has a down-loadable portfolio, but flickr seems to be the way to follow him. I can’t wait to see what he makes next

As a total amazing bonus, it turns out he’s also the genius behind these! He’s made a series of tiny, perfect, papercraft models of analog synthesizers. I saw them on the tech blog unplgged.com a while back, and was blown away. It was only today as I was exploring his flickr stream that I realized that the beautiful scifi prints and the papercraft synths were made by the same person.

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