a mysterious artists from the depth of myspace

A while ago, a blog I read called NotCot, posted a link to a spanish review of an artist that someone had found on myspace.  She goes by either “Milk” or “Logyu”.  Her work is completely fascinating, but her site is truely lacking in information.  Pretty much, it’s just her profile, which tells you she’s 32, an aries, and engaged, and about 30 amazing works of art.  The more I look at them, the more they blow my mind. 

Her work has amazing repeating themes hidden in it  (The image above, despite being one of my favorites, doesn’t have most of the little thematic elements)  Little birds, often with skeletons on them, hide in bushes.  MP3s, and mp3 players show up in odd places.  In one image, birds carry pieces of papers that are actually MP3 icons. In many pictures, a card with a heart on it is tucked away.  She uses such neat thematic elements in ways that I had never really though about.  It makes her work even more interesting to explore.

All in all, a whole