First of the new pieces up!

I’ve spent the last 48 hours rushing to get off an application for an “Emerging Artist” grant. Now, the light box is finished, a first round of work is photographed, and the CD with my images is burned and in the mail.

I’ve only had time to photograph a few of my favorite pieces, and looking through the results, I think I’ll be doing a few more tweaks to the lighting set up.  I’m pretty happy with it, but I feel like fussing with it a bit more.  Once I have all the information on the new critters up, I’m hoping to put together a howto on building the lighting softbox.

I’ll have my work cut out for me with documenting all of my beasts, though.  I’ll need to photograph them, record all the useful info for them, and price them.  I’ll also have to decide which to send off to galleries, which to sell myself, and which pieces will be not for sale, reserved to enter into shows.  Hopefully, I’ll have all of that worked out by the end of the week.  In the mean time, I’ve uploaded some of the photos I shot today.

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  1. pNielsen

    The orange stripe, so to speak, is awesome on this one.

    Would love to hear more about your photographing the three-D work. I find it annoying and just wish I could pay someone to do it . . . mainly because I don’t have the time or space I suppose.

  2. Eva

    The flashing on these was just so sweet.

    The photography ended up not actually being so hard. My set up is in the spare bathroom of the studio. The backdrop is actually in a shower stall, and you sit on a toilet lid to take the photographer. However, I’m pretty darn happy with how it does. There are a number of folks in the area who do it for pay. However, they charge 75 to 100 a hour, and I’m too cheap for that.

  3. joan

    great characters, charming how many hours firing?