Woohoo! I just got my mug for backing @saltstoneceramics studio on indie Gogo! Seems like a perfect morning for me. ❤️❤️❤️

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My stack of beasts all roughed out! They’re already hollow, since I make them as pinch pots. Once this set up is finished, it will be heading to @waterworks2017 for a show in May.

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#marchmeetthemaker day 16! Workspace: tidy or messy. I run a bit messy, and also apparently, behind. I’ll probably be picking and choosing these prompts as deadlines approach. At the moment, my studio space is is set up for wax working, which means it is *really* messy. In a few days, once I have this new wax of “balance” ready to cast, I’ll do a thorough cleaning, and switch to working in clay for our April wood firing.

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#marchmeetthemaker day 10: You! Hi, it’s me! I’m Eva Funderburgh. Here I am, taking a break from pouring bronze at @prattfinearts, a few years back. The photo is by my friend Zhan Xiao. I call these clothes the “baked potato suit”. They’re pretty useful for dealing with hot metal!

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#marchmeetthemaker day 9: Story behind the name. Hm. Beasties, I guess? My name (Eva Funderburgh) is my name, but I typically refer to my beasts as beasties. The backstory for that is my #woodfire mentor @sauerpottery started calling my monsters “Beasties”, back in 2007, and it stuck. Honestly, I don’t use it as much as I used to since I became friends with @leslielevingsart. She has a series of monsters called “#Beastlies”. When we’re talking about beastlies and beasties in one conversation, things get confusing!

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